As, on a global scale, health and wellbeing considerations are becoming more and more intense, consumers make a swift to the renowned benefits of the Greek diet that is mainly based on the daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. To this end, Greek companies that, through the decades, have accomplished to gain domestic and international clientele’s preference and convince for the quality of their products, have a significant international competitive advantage. One of these Greek companies is Syngelakis Chrysanthos SA, one of the biggest Greek vegetables exporting companies on the island of Crete.

The company was initially established in 1980 by Chrysanthos Syngelakis. The determination and passion of the owner, in conjunction with his constant quest for high-quality products, turned Syngelakis Chrysanthos company into an S.A. legal entity by early 1990s. Since then, continuous investment in state of the art facilities and equipment in the areas of vegetable standardization, packaging, transportation, storage and conservation, have positioned the company as one of the most respected and acknowledged exporters of its field. By 2006, the overall infrastructure modernization project was successfully completed, allowing the company to reach its full potential in the local and international markets.

Our company collaborates and is committed to obtaining its products via certified vegetable producers; on top of that, since October 2012, the company is in a position to certify its own group of farmers/producers, with the internationally recognized GLOBAL CAP total quality management certification.

In April 2001, Greek vegetables exporting company Syngelakis Chrysanthos SA was honoured by the Exporters Association of Crete and the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Crete, for its exceptional results in quality assurance, standardization, packaging and distribution of the Cretan vegetable production to international markets.

More recently, in 2014, our company -Syngelakis Chrysanthos SA- was honoured with 2 important awards of 1st quality and openness by national and international organizations, from the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Agios Nikolaos in Crete/Greece and from the International Association Global Trade Leaders’ Club in Spain.

About us

Syngelakis Chrysanthos SA is an exemplary Greek exporting company that accomplished to succeed in the international competitive arena by remaining loyal to its vision, by cultivating strong and honest relationships with its partners and, above all, by offering world consumers the quality vegetable crop of the fertile Cretan soil.


At present, Syngelakis Chrysanthos SA product line is comprised of fresh Greek vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, grapes and eggplants, which are produced on the island of Crete and conform to the highest quality standards. The company applies a holistic Quality Management System, fully compliant to the ISO 22000:2005 & IFS standards.


In its 35 years of presence, Syngelakis Chrysanthos SA has established solid and fruitful business relationships with EU and non-EU countries -Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Russia, Austria, UK, Bulgaria and Romania to name a few. In its partners list major multinational supermarket chains are also included, such as Kaufland, Aldi, Tesco and Lidl.

From farm to the table





Cretan agricultural products, such as cucumbers, zucchini, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes and others, are produced in the fertile plains of the island, where the temperature is always sweet and the climate mild – ideal conditions for growing fruits and vegetables.

Cretan Climate

Crete is a blessed island, as the weather facilitates the hard work of the farmers. The mild temperatures, the warm caress of the Sun and the fertile soil favour the development of fruits and vegetables, enhancing their taste, aroma and texture.

Cretan Culture

The Cretan soul, the Cretan culture, is imbued in every Cretan product. Taste the authentic Mediterranean cuisine and feel the Cretan spirit in every bite of the fresh local products.


The Cretan diet is a way of life: plain, simple, with no redundant spices or taste boosters. But, at the same time, it is particularly scrumptious in a natural way, one might say. Simplicity brings forward the ingenuity of the hostess, who wields her age-old experience without strictly adhering to recommended doses.

What counts the most in traditional Cretan cuisine is imagination. Cretans may eat greens or legumes every day, but they almost never eat the same food. The Cretan hostesses continuously invent new ways of bringing out the quality of ingredients through various simple and ingenious combinations.

A typical feature of the Cretan table is the variety of dishes, which combine with one another to form a tasteful entity. Besides, the main features of Cretan cuisine can be summarised as follows: the products used are strictly local and seasonal. Wild greens are eaten raw or boiled, either as the main cooking ingredient or as an accompanying dish or salad, sometimes used only to add flavor. Meat comes mainly from goats (usually free-range), poultry and pork. Spices are always present but in a rather discreet way.

The Cretan diet differs from other Mediterranean countries in many respects. Take fat, for example, which makes up about 35%-40% of daily calories in the Cretan diet. Cretans get their fat from olive oil and olives instead of butter and meat. Various studies have found that Cretans had the highest intake of olive oil compared to other Mediterranean countries; the amounts were much higher than what the Italians and Spaniards consumed..

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Telephone: +30 28420 24231
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