(Solanum Lycopersicum)

Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) is a plant of the family of Solanaceae], native to Central and South America, from Mexico to Peru. It lives only a few years and is usually grown as a one-year plant. Typically it reaches 3-3 m high, but does not have a sturdy shoot and relies on other plants. The leaves are 10-25 cm long and are composite, consisting of 5-9 smaller leaves each up to 8 cm long with a perianth periphery. Both the shoot of the plant and the leaves have hair. The flowers are 1-2 cm in diameter, are yellow with five-pointed pods and grow in groups of 3-12.

There are greenhouse tomatoes (climbing) and outdoor tomatoes (semi-climbing and self-propelled). Climbers and semi-climbers need support, which can be done either with twine (horizontal wire greenhouse) or reeds when it comes to outdoor cultivation. Self-propelled tomatoes need no support because they blind themselves to the top and do not grow upwards.
The fruit, also called tomato, is spherical or oblong, is edible, and when mature it is juicy and has a bright red color. Its red color is due to the fact that it contains the lycopene dye. Before ripening, the tomato is green in color. In wild plants the fruit is 1-2 cm in diameter, but on most days it is larger than 5-10 cm. Tomato is ideal for salads and is the main ingredient of rustic salad.

Tomatoes are antioxidant, rich in vitamin C and lycopene. Lycopene is mainly found in its peel, with vitamin C around its seeds. It’s anti-thrombotic. Contains salicylates, which have antithrombotic action. A cup of tomatoes gives us more than half the amount of Vitamin A we need daily. It is beneficial for the bones thanks to the vitamin K it contains. It is a good friend of our vessels because it is rich in potassium and helps to regulate blood pressure. It is rich in lutein, an essential ingredient for our eyesight. The carotenes it contains are a sun shield for our skin. Its frequent consumption has significantly contributed to the protection against cancer. In addition they work alongside the broccoli and help reduce the risk of men (men) getting prostate cancer.

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